Video Production Company in Dubai

We know Video is a major platform to visualize the message and convey the purpose which words can’t express. We at CreativeBerryz being one of the best video production company in Dubai, we create videos that convey the generous message that you want to make it reach to the right audience.

As being one of the best video production company in Dubai, we have created creative videos for business, events, agencies to enhance the users with the modern visualisation. 

Below we have broadened all our video production services that we offer to our clients and business enterprise.

Corporate/Industrial Films

Being the best video production company in Dubai, We know how important is the video for delivering your message to the clients to understand them about your business,  and that’s why we are here to make your videos in a much more convenient way bringing the new visualising experience to the users.

A professionally made, good impressive corporate video can be a trump card for a successful business deal.  The designs, message in the video not only gives a detail about the product or services you offer but also it will give the striking feeling about your enterprise. 

Being the expert in producing professional corporate video, we create a striking feeling in the video allowing you to show your video in all platforms and even on social media portals. Also, we are involved in producing corporate video production in Dubai for many big clients.

Industrial Films

Industrial films are produced to show the big clients about your industry and business model. We at CreativeBerryz, being the best video production company in Dubai are combined with highly creative skills and financial mindset, we create videos with the business perspective that is perfect to show your clients about your industry and business growth. 

We also take care of your budget and work based on your requirements because we are experienced and offer video editing services at the best price in Dubai.

Educational And Training Videos

An Educational video creates awareness and path of learning something informative should be blend with right visualization along with catchy audio narration. Same goes with training videos that offer guidance with clear visualisation and effects immersed with Audio.

Being one of the best Educational and Training video production company in Dubai, our videos build an informative feeling with an awareness that stays in users mind for long.

The educational videos can be created for applications like schools, books, lecture and other purposes

Product Demos and Explainers

Every Business enterprise sells either a product or service or both. And this requires users to understand the product service in a quick time frame, this is only possible by conveying them through video portal.  The product demo videos can be used to guide the users about using the product and to create a closer experience of the product before it is purchased.

There are many factors why users prefer videos to understand the product and service of your company.


  • The video stands as the portal to deliver the message in a short time.
  • All the product and services can be delivered catching users attention
  • Cost effective and worth an investment.
  • Builds a long time value.

Explainer Videos

The explainer videos clear the air of confusion about the product and educates the process of installation, usage, statistics and more. The educational videos stand as informative to the users and hence every detail of the video should be carefully produced so that the users take away every information. To create this informative stance, we produce a stunning video also acts as information guidance and can be used for many purposes like educational videos for business, schools, enterprise, product installation and more. 

Music Videos

We know everyone loves music and so does we. However, just the audio wouldn’t be enough, it also requires a proper video that synchronises with the audio creating a loop watching experience and some effects that delight the mind and eye of the visualizer.

We create music videos for all artists including video artists and singers, actors and more. At CreativeBerryz, being the best video production company in Dubai, we are designed with expertise who take care of the videos in a most artistic way that will be a benchmark for yourself.


The documentary video consists of facts that are genuine and should be delivered to the user in the right way. With our videos, we build credibility that allows trust and gives a genuine presence. We take care of the audio and narration with perfection. Our creative video production team in Dubai takes care of every detail while presenting the documentary video to reach the massive audience.

We are one of the top video production company in Dubai, And we create videos of Corporate video, explainer video, industrial video, music video, documentaries and more. 

We are one of the top video production company in Dubai, And we create videos of Corporate video, explainer video, industrial video, music video, documentaries and more.

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